This unique creation of the jewellery’s artistic panorama reflects an intricate interpretation of Wagner’s composition the ‘Parsifal’. The masterpiece has been hand- crafted with the finest 18kt yellow gold. The front of the piece is set with a natural pure Brazilian Aquamarine, like the crystalline sea of the Amalfi coast; the flowers were set with the fancy colour diamonds which were inspired by the the Gardens of Villa Rufolo, and the tearing Holy Grail Cup has been set with hand-selected white diamonds.The two faces on the sides are Kundry, the messenger of the Grail, and the wicked Klingsor.


The reverse of the piece is embellished with the signature technique of the Figurative Honeycomb. The four elements of Empedocles (air, fire, water and earth) are portrayed with different symbols: a blowing cherub, flames, a dolphin and a shell, as well as the dove of peace. Prince Rainier III of Monaco described it as the ‘Masterpiece of Jewellery’