Rosmundo the exquisite Brand of Italy fancy

jewels that exude luxury and elegance.

Rosmundo a story of a family where every piece of jewelry is a work of art, meticulously crafted with the finest materials and attention to details.

Our task was to create a brand where every design is imbued with a sense of timeless sophistication a perfect blend of classic and contemporary, creating jewelry that is both on-trend and timeless, that can tell stories and pass on from generation to generation as heirlooms.

All our creations are also hand made in Italy by our family and we do not compromise on our quality. The diamonds and gemstones we use are always selected to match the beauty of our craftsman- ship.



Rosmundo bottega founded By Rosmundo in south of Italy near Amalfi coast and Capri


He graduates as Diamond Grader at the Gemological Institute of America- GIA

He has been selected as an excellence of the goldsmith art in Italy to attend the International show of the Principality of Monaco, where the Prince Albert II was captivated by his craftsmanship and Honeycomb technique.


He met at the royal Palace of Monaco with the ceremonial court, His Serene Highness the Prince of Monaco, Ranieri III to consign him the first Master piece “Te Deum”


He creates 5 silver coins to commemorate H.S.H. Ranieri’s III 50 th anniversary of sovereign.


He is the organizer and the promoter of the show “Campagna feudo dei Grimaldi alla corte di Onorato II” that started from the Metropole Palace in Montecarlo- Principality of Monaco- and ended in Salerno with the support of H.S.H Ranieri III, the Italian president Carlo Azelio Ciampi and the ministry of the Cultural Heritage


Master Rosmundo creates the masterpiece Parsifal for the celebration of the 50 th anniversary of the International Music Festival at Villa Rufolo-Ravello, Amalfi coast where he obtains a general success and attention from the Grimaldi’s family in Montecarlo.

H.S.H. Princess Carolina of Monaco appoints the Master Rosmundo as a knight of art and culture thanks to his art, the honeycomb technique and his masterpieces


Rosmundo bottega founded By Rosmundo in south of Italy near Amalfi coast and Capri


The magnificent creation “la Scafa” has been realized for the 200 th year anniversary of the death of the painter Philipp Hackert, for this occasion the Master Rosmundo has been invited to be the first modern artist to exhibit at the Royal Palace of Caserta his Masterpiece “La Scafa” together with Hackert’s paintings.


Rosmundo participates at the exhibition “curiosities of the antiquity ... trips of the ancient and modern travellers in Salerno” where he shows the creation “Gran Tour” inspired by the  traditional trip of Europe undertaken by the European Upper-class.


Rosmundo and his family presents the creation “Al Noor” in United Arab Emirates, he was going to be the first western citizen to present in Middle east a masterpiece inspired by the Muslim paradise described in Qur’an.


Rosmundo – bottega orafa- expands its presence to London.



Rosmundo has been awarded best goldsmith of Italy for his collections and figurative


honeycomb craftsmanship.



Rosmundo expands its presence in Doha, Qatar.


Rosmundo’s craftsmanship and figurative honeycomb are present and appreciated

in USA.