Te Deum

Te Deum is the first work created by Maestro Rosmundo. This creation, a fantastic example of figurative honeycomb, was created to celebrate the 700 years of reign of the Grimaldi family.

The front part bears the flag of the principality through the red of the rubies and the white of the diamonds. The total number of gems reaches 700 units, like the years of reign.

The Masterpiece

The values ​​on which the Monegasque nobility was founded were written using the figurative honeycomb fretwork technique on the edges of the work.

On the back side we find a boat to indicate the legend of Saint Devote and Francesco Grimaldi, the first governor, who conquered Monaco by disguising himself as a friar.

Both symbols are protected by the hands of God.

The dolphin, the ducks and the dove respectively represent intelligence, diligence and peace that have always guided the kingdom.

It is also possible to admire 2 harps, a symbol of love and music which also recall Grace Kelly's Irish origins.

The Te Deum prayer, recited by all the inhabitants of Monaco on November 19th on the occasion of the national holiday, was engraved on the back again with the figurative honeycomb technique, through which over 10 thousand hexagons and pentagons were obtained present on the back