Te Deum

Te Deum is the first Master piece of Master Rosmundo. This creation refined with the honeycomb technique has been realized for the Grimaldi family to celebrate the 700 th year of their reign. The beautiful front represents the flag of the principality thought the red of the rubies and the white of the diamonds. The total number of the gemstones set in the masterpiece are 700, like the years of reign of the Grimaldi Family. The names of all the wise rules of the principality of Monaco has been written in the shiny gold thought the honeycomb technique on the edges of the flag.


On the reverse of Te deum there is a boat – symbolizing the legend of the arrival of the Saint Devota – and Francesco Grimaldi, the first ruler, who conquered Monaco by disguising himself as a monk. These two symbols are protected by the hands of God. The dolphins, the geese and the dove represent the smartness, the alertness and the peace always had in the reign. Still on the reverse it is possible to admire two Harps, symbol of love and musicality, and they also recall the Irish origin of Grace Kelly. The prayer of the Te deum that all the inhabitants of Moncao pray every 19 th of November in occasion of the National celebration, has been written on the side of the Masterpiece thought the Honeycomb technique. This unique work of art has more than ten thousands hexagons and pentagons obtained by the honeycomb technique.